Solvia Airdrop

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Total value for UPGRADED members!

Solvia Airdrop Opportunity!

Everything you need!
Providing you with the success you deserve!

We have made this airdrop to be a success! Not only is it an airdrop but it's also an affiliate program! We offer an easy and real solution that will put real value in your wallet! Our system pays network marketers to do the work of getting people like you to join and receive Solvia in our airdrop. They also earn from those members that do the same! It's a WIN - WIN SOLUTION! Those that refer earn from FREE MEMBERS!
We have everything you need available! In order for upgraded members to earn, the Free members need to earn! AND THEY DO!
This is so easy you just have to start! All you need to do is



Solvia is trading on STEX. Making this airdrop have value before the airdrop comes!
The Value you see here and in your back office is updated by CoinGecko in real time!


Online Wallet

No downloading required! Free and easy to use. Includes access to staking!
The Solvia Meta Wallet connects to Dapps, like Our Disintegration Node Dapp!


Direct Airdrop

The Solvia Online Meta wallet provides you with a 12 word passpharase.
Your Keys, your Crypto! Your Solvia won't be stored on the airdrop website.

You will earn!
Everyone earns with just a small effort!

It just takes a few simple actions to become qualified. Verify your email, Secure your account and attach your Solvia Online Wallet
It's that simple! Total value for FREE Members!
Solvia Coins: 270,000.0000


The Airdrop is Running!
Don't miss the next Airdrop!

$5 of every upgrade will be used to purchase Solvia and given to upgraded members as a BONUS Airdrop!

There's more reasons to upgrade!

It's for everyone!

Finally! You can invite your friends and Family!
Since everyone earns you can be confident sharing! It just keeps getting better! Explained here!

Upgrading Creates Higher Value!

The more that upgrade, the higher value of Solvia!
Making it easier to refer, which creates more upgrades, which creates higher value, which makes it easier..
You get the picture!

Secure your spot!

We require you to secure your airdrop account.
What's even better is the Solvia coins will be sent directly to YOUR wallet!
Your Keys, Your Crypto!

Get Solvia for FREE!

Phase 1
Just complete some simple actions and become verified to get Solvia FREE when the airdrop disbursement happens!

There's more for those that take action and complete even more actions!
Solvia is Airdropped every 500 Upgrades!
Every 500 Upgraded Members the system will automatically Airdrop 50,000 Solvia to your Airdrop account.
Then the Smart Contract you used your wallet to attach to will distribute 10% of those SVA to your wallet, every 15 Epochs, automatically.
When your Airdrop account reaches less than 1 SVA, the entire amount will be transfered to your wallet when the application runs.

Phase 2

Phase 2 starts in May 15, 2023
The incredible opportunity to be the FIRST people to get Solvia Social Like and Share Packages!
Available to Upgraded Members ONLY!
Guaranteed Interest!
Each package will receive a daily interest rate of 0.52% for 200 days!

$ BONUS! $

Free Solvia Social Package with UPGRADE!

$5 of every upgrade will be used to purchase Solvia and given to upgraded members in a BONUS airdrop!

Total value of packages purchased: $3,560.00
Total value of current paid interest: $43,876.95
Total difference in value: $40,316.95

Current percentage achieved by all packages combined:

1,232.498% Days: 328

Average Daily Interest: 3.758%
Rate above Guaranteed Rate: + 3.238%
You will receive Like and Share credits you can use in the Solvia Social Website!
These same Like and Share credits are used to PAY members of Solvia Social!
That means if someone Likes your post, you get paid! If someone Shares your post, you get paid!
More details coming soon at:

Want more Solvia?

We are airdropping 500,000 Solvia!
There are 2 airdrops!
1) Verfied = 300,000 Solvia
2) Upgraded = 200,000 Solvia

As you progress and take action you get what you already qualified for! This means that once you get Verified, you qualify to receive the disbursement for Verified Members. You must be Verfied to Upgrade. That means when you Upgrade you get 2 airdrops! One as a Verfied member and one as an Upgraded Member! This also means that when your a Node Holder you get 3 airdrops! You need to be upgraded to become verfied as a Node Holder!

Upgrade Benefits:

When you upgrade you also get 10% of all airdrops recevied by your referrals! If your referral is upgraded, you get 10% of BOTH airdrops!
Only upgraded members can sponsor other members!
Plus, upgraded members get $5 in BTC for every referral that upgrades!
Only $25 in BTC to upgrade!


Commissions Calculator

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Estimated Upgraded Downline:

Verified Commissions
Upgraded Commissions

Values are based on current price of Solvia and current membership.

Speculation Calculator

Have some FUN! This calculator can be lots of fun seeing the possibilites of membership and the value of Solvia.
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How it Works Video

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